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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
2015Current improvement in hybrid quantum dot sensitized solar cells by increased light-scattering with a polymer layer ArtículoTZARARA LOPEZ LUKE; RAMON CARRILES JAIMES; Elder de la Rosa Cruz13-Mar-2019
1-Jun-2015Effect of Different Sensitization Technique on the Photoconversion Efficiency of CdS Quantum Dot and CdSe Quantum Rod Sensitized TiO2 Solar CellsArtículoTZARARA LOPEZ LUKE; Elder de la Rosa Cruz14-Mar-2019
1-May-2015Effect of TEA on the blue emission of ZnO quantum dots with high quantum yield ArtículoLUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES; Elder de la Rosa Cruz14-Mar-2019
6-Jul-2008Enhancement of Upconversion Emission of LaPO4:Er@Yb Core−Shell Nanoparticles/NanorodsArtículoElder de la Rosa Cruz; Jorge Roberto Oliva Uc6-Feb-2020
Mar-2015Er3+ loaded barium molybdate nanoparticles: IR to visible spectral upconversionArtículoElder de la Rosa Cruz14-Mar-2019
23-Oct-2007Fiber-Optic Chemical Sensor for Detection of NO2 Using Poly (3-Octylthiophene)ArtículoElder de la Rosa Cruz30-Jan-2020
Oct-2015Influence of pH and europium concentration on the luminescent and morphological properties of Y2O3 powdersArtículoElder de la Rosa Cruz19-Mar-2019
16-Apr-2015Labeling of HeLa cells using ZrO2∶Yb3-Er3 nanoparticles with upconversion emissionArtículoTZARARA LOPEZ LUKE; Elder de la Rosa Cruz19-Mar-2019
24-Aug-2015Photovoltaic Properties of Bi2S3 and CdS Quantum Dot Sensitized TiO2 Solar CellsArtículoTZARARA LOPEZ LUKE; RAMON CARRILES JAIMES; Elder de la Rosa Cruz13-Jun-2019
18-Jun-2015Photovoltaic properties of multilayered quantum dot/quantum rod-sensitized TiO2 solar cells fabricated by SILAR and electrophoresis ArtículoTZARARA LOPEZ LUKE; Elder de la Rosa Cruz13-Jun-2019
31-Jan-2008Polarization microscopy with stellated gold nanoparticles for robust, in-situ monitoring of biomolecules ArtículoElder de la Rosa Cruz6-Feb-2020
1-May-2015SERS substrates fabricated with star-like gold nanoparticles for zeptomole detection of analytesArtículoElder de la Rosa Cruz25-Jun-2019
Oct-2015Switching green to red emission in tridoped ZrO2:Yb3+–Er3+–Bi3+ nanocrystalsArtículoTZARARA LOPEZ LUKE; Haggeo Desirena Enrriquez; Elder de la Rosa Cruz28-Jun-2019
16-Sep-2014Synthesis and optical properties of BaTiO3:Eu3+@SiO2 glass ceramic nano particlesArtículoElder de la Rosa Cruz14-Dec-2018
25-Nov-2014Synthesis of Lu2O3:Eu3+ Luminescent Ceramic Powder Embedded in SiO2 Matrix ArtículoHaggeo Desirena Enrriquez; Elder de la Rosa Cruz14-Dec-2018
6-May-2014Understanding the infrared to visible upconversion luminescence properties of Er3þ/Yb3þ co-doped BaMoO4 nanocrystalsArtículoElder de la Rosa Cruz31-Jan-2019