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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
4-Dec-2014Differentiability of a projection functional in ray-tracing processes: applied study to estimate the coefficients of a single lens with conic surfaces ArtículoDANIEL MALACARA DOBLADO13-Mar-2019
17-Sep-2014A hierarchical genetic algorithm approach for curve fitting with B-splinesArtículoFRANCISCO JAVIER CUEVAS DE LA ROSA21-Feb-2019
6-May-2014Understanding the infrared to visible upconversion luminescence properties of Er3þ/Yb3þ co-doped BaMoO4 nanocrystalsArtículoElder de la Rosa Cruz31-Jan-2019
15-May-2014Tuning of an erbium-doped fiber ring laser based on heating a tapered fiber filterArtículoALEJANDRO MARTINEZ RIOS31-Jan-2019
27-Sep-2014Transit Time Enhanced Bandwidth in Nanostructured Terahertz EmittersArtículoEnrique Castro Camus31-Jan-2019
30-Apr-2014Topometry and color association by RGB Fringe Projection TechniqueArtículoAMALIA MARTINEZ GARCIA31-Jan-2019
13-Apr-2014Titanium oxide:fullerene composite films as electron collector layer in organic solar cells and the use of an easy-deposition cathodeArtículoJOSE LUIS MALDONADO RIVERA; Gabriel Ramos Ortiz18-Dec-2018
14-Oct-2014Three-dimensional recovering based on variable focal length via Bezier networksArtículoJ. Apolinar Muñoz Rodríguez18-Dec-2018
14-Apr-2014Temperature control of power distribution on the Stokes components of a Raman fiber laserArtículoEFRAIN MEJIA BELTRAN18-Dec-2018
17-Jul-2014Synthesis, X-ray diffraction analysis and nonlinear optical properties of hexacoordinated organotin compounds derived from Schiff basesArtículoMARIO ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ RIVERA14-Dec-2018
25-Nov-2014Synthesis of Lu2O3:Eu3+ Luminescent Ceramic Powder Embedded in SiO2 Matrix ArtículoHaggeo Desirena Enrriquez; Elder de la Rosa Cruz14-Dec-2018
16-Sep-2014Synthesis and optical properties of BaTiO3:Eu3+@SiO2 glass ceramic nano particlesArtículoElder de la Rosa Cruz14-Dec-2018
1-Feb-2014Synthesis and crystal structures of a series of Schiff bases: a photo-, solvato- and acidochromic compound ArtículoMARIO ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ RIVERA; Gabriel Ramos Ortiz; JOSE LUIS MALDONADO RIVERA14-Dec-2018
2014Synthesis and chemical–optical characterization of novel two-photon fluorescent borinates derived from Schiff basesTextoMARIO ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ RIVERA; Gabriel Ramos Ortiz; JOSE LUIS MALDONADO RIVERA12-Dec-2018
29-Jan-2014Synchronization with an arbitrary phase shift in a pair of synaptically coupled neural oscillatorsArtículoAlexander Pisarchik7-Nov-2018
Jan-2014Synchronization with an Arbitrary Phase Shift in a Pair of Synaptically Coupled Neural OscillatorsArtículoALEXANDER PISARCHIK16-Aug-2018
Jun-2014Synchronization of map-based neurons with memory and synaptic delayArtículoJOSE MANUEL SAUSEDO SOLORIO; ALEXANDER PISARCHIK2-Aug-2018
Dec-2014Synchronization of infrared and green components in a loss-modulated dual-cavity Nd:YAG laser with second harmonic generationArtículoALFREDO CAMPOS MEJIA; ALEXANDER PISARCHIK; VICTOR JOEL PINTO ROBLEDO; JESUS RICARDO SEVILLA ESCOBOZA; RIDER JAIMES REATEGUI; GUILLERMO HUERTA CUELLAR; VICTOR PORFIRIO VERA AVILA2-Aug-2018
Sep-2014Supplying interpolation and continuity in surface modeling via Bezier networks and optical metrologyArtículoJ. APOLINAR MUÑOZ RODRIGUEZ; FRANCISCO CARLOS MEJIA ALANIS31-Jul-2018
Jun-2014Strain determination in bone sections with simultaneous 3D digital holographic interferometryArtículoARACELI SANCHEZ ALVAREZ; MANUEL HUMBERTO DE LA TORRE IBARRA; FERNANDO MENDOZA SANTOYO; TONATIUH SAUCEDO ANAYA2-Jul-2018
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 116