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5-Mar-2007Local Adaptable Quadrature Filters to Demodulate Single Fringe Patterns with Closed FringesArtículoJULIO CESAR ESTRADA RICO; MANUEL SERVIN GUIRADO-
5-Mar-2007High-Quality Amplitude Jitter Reduction and Extinction Enhancement Using a Power-Symmetric Nolm and a PolarizerArtículoOLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ; EVGENY KUZIN-
25-Jun-2007Heterodyne Two Beam Gaussian Microscope InterferometerArtículoJORGE MAURICIO FLORES MORENO; MOISES CYWIAK GARBARCEWICZ; Manuel Servin-
24-Dec-2007Lateral Shearing Interferometry: Theoretical Limits with Practical ConsequencesArtículoMANUEL SERVIN GUIRADO; MOISES CYWIAK GARBARCEWICZ; ABUNDIO DAVILA ALVAREZ-
30-Apr-2007Three Gaussian Beam Interferometric Profilometer Applied to the Characterization of an Optical FlatArtículoMOISES CYWIAK GARBARCEWICZ; MANUEL SERVIN GUIRADO; JORGE MAURICIO FLORES MORENO-
19-Feb-2007Simple All-Microstructured-Optical-Fiber Interferometer Built Via Fusion SplicingArtículoAGUSTIN JOEL VILLATORO BERNARDO; ULADZIMIR MINKOVICH-
24-Nov-2007Laser Emission in Proton-Implanted Nd: Yag Channel WaveguidesArtículoGLORIA VERONICA VAZQUEZ GARCIA-
9-Jul-2007Optical Channel Waveguides by Proton and Carbon Implantation in Nd: Yag CrystalsArtículoGLORIA VERONICA VAZQUEZ GARCIA-
9-Jul-2007Relief gratings and microlenses fabricated with silicone ArtículoSergio Arturo Calixto Carrera28-Jan-2020
8-Aug-2007Binocular imaging of a laser stripe and approximation networks for shape detectionArtículoJ. Apolinar Muñoz Rodríguez29-Jan-2020