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12-Aug-2015Difluorenyl carbo-Benzenes: Synthesis, Electronic Structure, and Two-Photon Absorption Properties of Hydrocarbon Quadrupolar ChromophoresArtículoGabriel Ramos Ortiz; JOSE LUIS MALDONADO RIVERA14-Mar-2019
2-Feb-2015High-Tg Functional Aromatic PolymersArtículoGabriel Ramos Ortiz; JOSE LUIS MALDONADO RIVERA14-Mar-2019
15-Apr-2015Mechanosynthesis of a phenylenedivinylidenebisquinoline. Optical, morphological and electroluminescence propertiesArtículoJOSE LUIS MALDONADO RIVERA; Gabriel Ramos Ortiz21-Mar-2019
Feb-2015Polymer solar cells based on P3HT:PC71BM doped at different concentrations of isocyanate-treated grapheneArtículoJOSE LUIS MALDONADO RIVERA; J. Oracio Cuahtémoc Barbosa García; MARIO ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ RIVERA13-Jun-2019
Aug-2015Polythiophene derivative functionalized with disperse red 1 chromophore: Its third-order nonlinear optical properties through Z-scan technique under continuous and femtosecond irradiationArtículoGabriel Ramos Ortiz; MARIO ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ RIVERA; JOSE LUIS MALDONADO RIVERA13-Jun-2019
Dec-2015Reversible holography and optical phase conjugation for image formation/correction using highly efficient organic photorefractive polymersArtículoJOSE LUIS MALDONADO RIVERA; MARIO ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ RIVERA; Gabriel Ramos Ortiz; Marco Antonio Meneses Nava; J. Oracio Cuahtémoc Barbosa García14-Jun-2019
Dec-2015Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Behavior of Novel Polythiophene Derivatives Functionalized with Disperse Red 19 ChromophoreArtículoGabriel Ramos Ortiz; MARIO ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ RIVERA; JOSE LUIS MALDONADO RIVERA5-Jul-2019