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28-Feb-2014Dynamic Temperature Field Measurements Using a Polarization Phase-Shifting TechniqueArtículoDAVID IGNACIO SERRANO GARCIA; AMALIA MARTINEZ GARCIA; NOEL IVAN TOTO ARELLANO-
Oct-2014Phase profile analysis of transparent objects through the use of a two windows interferometer based on a one beam splitter configurationArtículoNOEL IVAN TOTO ARELLANO; VICTOR HUGO FLORES MUÑOZ; AMALIA MARTINEZ GARCIA27-Jun-2018
30-Apr-2014Topometry and color association by RGB Fringe Projection TechniqueArtículoAMALIA MARTINEZ GARCIA31-Jan-2019
Dec-2015Diffraction theory of binary amplitude and phase gratings with applications for Ronchi testArtículoAMALIA MARTINEZ GARCIA13-Mar-2019
May-2015Full-surface deformation measurement of anisotropic tissues under indentationArtículoAMALIA MARTINEZ GARCIA14-Mar-2019
Dec-2015Measurement of red blood cell characteristic using parallel phase shifting interferometryArtículoAMALIA MARTINEZ GARCIA21-Mar-2019
23-Feb-2015On axis fringe projection: A new method for shape measurementArtículoAMALIA MARTINEZ GARCIA6-Jun-2019
16-Oct-2015Reduction of the ringing effect in off-axis digital holography reconstruction from two reconstruction distances based on Talbot effectArtículoAMALIA MARTINEZ GARCIA14-Jun-2019
Apr-2015Synchronous phase demodulation algorithm for conic carrier Hartmann topographerArtículoManuel Servín Guirado; AMALIA MARTINEZ GARCIA28-Jun-2019
Dec-2015Tunable eight-frame filters with arbitrary steps for temporal phase shiftingArtículoAMALIA MARTINEZ GARCIA5-Jul-2019