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27-Jul-2015Dynamics of Noise-Like Pulsing at Sub-Ns Scale in a Passively Mode-Locked Fiber LaserArtículoOLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ-
22-Oct-2012Raman-Induced Polarization Stabilization of Vector Solitons in Circularly Birefringent FibersArtículoBALDER ARTURO VILLAGOMEZ BERNABE; OLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ-
1-Feb-2010Experimental Investigation of the Extraction of Solitions at the Initial Stage of the Soliton Formation ProcessArtículoOLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ-
5-Mar-2007High-Quality Amplitude Jitter Reduction and Extinction Enhancement Using a Power-Symmetric Nolm and a PolarizerArtículoOLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ; EVGENY KUZIN-
2013Polarization stabilization of vector solitons in circularly birefringent fibers induced by Raman effect.Ítem publicado en memoria de congresoEVGENY KUZIN; BALDEMAR IBARRA ESCAMILLA; Andrés Gonzalez Garcia; OLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ; MANUEL DURAN SANCHEZ13-Mar-2018
2013Multiple noise-like pulsing of a figure-eight fiber laserÍtem publicado en memoria de congresoOLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ13-Mar-2018
2012Q-switched Er/Yb Double Clad Single Mode Fiber LaserÍtem publicado en memoria de congresoOLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ; BALDEMAR IBARRA ESCAMILLA; FELIPE MISSAEL MAYA ORDOÑEZ26-Jan-2018
2012Supercontinuum Generation in Standard Telecom Fiber Using Picoseconds PulsesÍtem publicado en memoria de congresoOLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ; JUAN CARLOS HERNANDEZ GARCIA26-Jan-2018
2012Dual-wavelength operation of continuous-wave and mode-locked erbium-doped fiber lasersÍtem publicado en memoria de congresoOLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ; ALEJANDRO MARTINEZ RIOS; DAVID MONZON HERNANDEZ; BALDEMAR IBARRA ESCAMILLA; JUAN CARLOS HERNANDEZ GARCIA26-Jan-2018
2013Wavelength tunable actively Q-switched fiber laser in cw and pulse operation based on a fiber Bragg gratingMemoria de congresoBALDEMAR IBARRA ESCAMILLA; OLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ; FELIPE MISSAEL MAYA ORDOÑEZ; EVGENY KUZIN27-Feb-2018