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2013Synchronization with an Arbitrary Phase Shift in a Pair of Synaptically Coupled Neural OscillatorsArtículoyuri simonov; Alexander Pisarchik-
18-Jan-2014An Approach to Generate Deterministic Brownian MotionArtículoGUILLERMO HUERTA CUELLAR; Eric Campos Cantón; Alexander Pisarchik-
2-Mar-2014Control of MultistabilityArtículoAlexander Pisarchik-
23-May-2014Critical slowing down and noise-induced intermittency in bistable perception: bifurcation analysisArtículoAlexander Pisarchik; RIDER JAIMES REATEGUI; DANIEL ALEJANDRO MAGALLON GARCIA; OBED CASTILLO MORALES11-Jun-2018
16-Dec-2013Experimental Implementation of a Biometric Laser Synaptic SensorArtículoAlexander Pisarchik; JESUS RICARDO SEVILLA ESCOBOZA; RIDER JAIMES REATEGUI; Guillermo Huerta Cuellar; JUAN HUGO GARCIA LOPEZ12-Jun-2018
Mar-2014Gray code permutation algorithm for high-dimensional data encryptionArtículoAlexander Pisarchik12-Jun-2018
29-Jan-2014Synchronization with an arbitrary phase shift in a pair of synaptically coupled neural oscillatorsArtículoAlexander Pisarchik7-Nov-2018
14-Apr-2015Coherence enhanced intermittency in an optically injected semiconductor laserArtículoAlexander Pisarchik25-Feb-2019
2-Nov-2015Deterministic coherence resonance in coupled chaotic oscillators with frequency mismatchArtículoAlexander Pisarchik13-Mar-2019
27-Jul-2015Controlling bistability in a stochastic perception modelArtículoAlexander Pisarchik13-Mar-2019