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21-Sep-2015Single Tapered Fiber Tip for Simultaneous Measurements of Thickness, Refractive Index and Distance to a SampleArtículoDAVID MONZON HERNANDEZ-
11-Nov-2015Phase-Sensitive Correlation Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer Using Quantum Phase Noise of Laser LightArtículoRODOLFO MARTINEZ MANUEL-
27-Jul-2015Dynamics of Noise-Like Pulsing at Sub-Ns Scale in a Passively Mode-Locked Fiber LaserArtículoOLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ-
13-Jul-2015Photophysical Study of Polymer-Based Solar Cells with an Organo-Boron Molecule in the Active LayerArtículoRAMON CARRILES JAIMES-
Feb-2015A Schiff base derivative from cinnamaldehyde for colorimetric detection of Ni2+ in waterArtículoMARIO ALEJANDRO RODRIGUEZ RIVERA; Gabriel Ramos Ortiz; JOSE LUIS MALDONADO RIVERA; Marco Antonio Meneses Nava; J. Oracio Cuahtémoc Barbosa García22-Feb-2019
21-Nov-2015Assessment on third order non linearity and other optical analyses of l-Asparagine Monohydrate single crystal: An efficient candidate for harmonic conversionsArtículoALEJANDRO MARTINEZ RIOS; Ismael Torres Gómez23-Feb-2019
25-Jan-2015Axial loading verification method for small bones using carrier fringes in speckle pattern interferometryArtículoAbundio Dávila Álvarez; JOSE ENRIQUE ADRIAN LANDGRAVE MANJARREZ25-Feb-2019
9-Jan-2015Actively Q-switched dual-wavelength laser with double-cladding Er/Yb-doped fiber using a Hi-Bi Sagnac interferometerArtículoOLIVIER JEAN MICHEL POTTIEZ23-Feb-2019
21-Jan-2015Characterization of Breast Cancer Tissue From a Rat Model With and Without Cancer: The Use of Raman SpectroscopyArtículoJUAN LUIS PICHARDO MOLINA; CLAUDIO FRAUSTO REYES25-Feb-2019
1-Oct-2015Angularly-resolvedvariablewave-retarderusinglightscatteringfroma thin metalliccylinderArtículoRafael Espinosa Luna23-Feb-2019