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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
24-Aug-2011Comparative Study of The Spectroscopic Properties Of Yb3þ/Er3þ codoped Tellurite Glasses Modified With R2o (R=Li, Na And K)ArtículoHaggeo Desirena; ELDER DE LA ROSA CRUZ; LUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES-
2014Crystalline and Narrow Band Gap Semiconductor Bazro3: Bi–Si Synthesized By Microwave–Hydrothermal SynthesisArtículoRAUL BORJA URBY; LUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES; DANIEL BAHENA URIBE; MIGUEL JOSE Y YACAMAN-
9-Jul-2015Effect of Eu3 + concentration on the photocatalytic activity of LaSr2AlO5 powdersArtículoLUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES14-Mar-2019
1-May-2015Effect of TEA on the blue emission of ZnO quantum dots with high quantum yield ArtículoLUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES; Elder de la Rosa Cruz14-Mar-2019
29-Jun-2013Gas-Phase Photocatalytic Decomposition of Ethylbenzene over Perlite Granules Coated with Indium Doped Tio2ArtículoMARIANA HINOJOSA REYES; LUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES-
30-Aug-2014Green Eualo3:Eu2+ Nanophosphor for Applications in WledsArtículoLUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES; JORGE OLIVA UC; Gustavo Alonso HIRATA FLORES-
31-May-2012Green Upconversion Emission Dependence on Size and Surface Residual Contaminants in Nanocrystalline Zro 2:Er 3+ArtículoLUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES; Pedro Salas; LUIS OCTAVIO MEZA ESPINOSA; TZARARA LOPEZ LUKE-
23-Oct-2014Heparin Assisted Photochemical Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles and Their Performance as Sers SubstratesArtículoMARIA DEL PILAR RODRIGUEZ TORRES; LUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES; SERGIO AUGUSTO ROMERO SERVIN-
Feb-2014Luminescence Concentration Quenching Mechanism in Gd2O3:Eu3+.ArtículoOctavio Meza; EDGAR GIOVANNY VILLABONA LEAL; LUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES; HAGGEO DESIRENA ENRRIQUEZ18-Jun-2018
Jan-2014NaOH-controlled upconversion of nanocrystalline BaZrO3:Er,Yb phosphorArtículoLUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES; JORGE OLIVA UC; ELDER DE LA ROSA CRUZ20-Jun-2018
3-Feb-2015Photocatalytic Activity of LaSr2AlO5:Eu Ceramic Powders ArtículoLUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES6-Jun-2019
Sep-2014Photoluminescence characterization of porous YAG: Yb3+–Er3+ nanoparticlesArtículoHAGGEO DESIRENA ENRRIQUEZ; LUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES; ELDER DE LA ROSA CRUZ27-Jun-2018
Sep-2015Photoluminescent and photocatalytic properties of bismuth doped strontium aluminates blended with titanium dioxideArtículoLUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES7-Jun-2019
31-Oct-2014Rapid synthesis of ZnO nano-corncobs from Nital solution and its application in the photodegradation of methyl orangeArtículoCHRISTIAN GOMEZ SOLIS; LUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES; MARIA ELVIRA ZARAZUA MORIN2-Jul-2018
30-Jan-2012Structural and Photoluminescence Study of Er–Yb Codoped Nanocrystalline Zro2–B2o3 Solid SolutionArtículoLUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES-
15-Dec-2015Visible and near-infrared light-driven photocatalytic activity of erbium-doped CaTiO3 systemArtículoLUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES9-Jul-2019
7-Sep-2015Visible and near-infrared light-driven photocatalytic activity of erbium-doped CaTiO3 systemArtículoLUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES27-Jan-2020
24-Apr-2014White Light Generation from Yag/Yam:Ce3þ, Pr3þ, Cr3þ Nanophosphors Mixed with a Blue Dye Under 340nm ExcitationArtículoJORGE OLIVA UC; ELDER DE LA ROSA CRUZ; LUIS ARMANDO DIAZ TORRES-